Our Web Design and Build Process

Our approach is collaborative, friendly and, we hope, enjoyable. At the same time we follow a clear, structured process because this is business, both for you and for us.

Requirements Stage - We will discuss what you need. We will make sure we all understand your goals and what your website will do in order to contribute to them.

Costing Stage - Once we have an overview of what you would like to achieve we can provide you with an estimate of cost.

Project Definition Stage - We will produce a Project Overview report which will list all of the deliverables and costs. Once this is agreed we take an initial payment of 40%. The project will then be scheduled.

Discovery Stage - It is really important that we gain deep understanding of your business, its culture and the manner in which you want your business to present itself. We will ask plenty of questions.

Design and Development - We'll talk in detail about what elements you require and where on the site you want them. We will agree how the site will work across different screen sizes. Usually, at this stage we will be incrementally prototyping the site so that you can see it gradually emerge. This provides reassurance to you and gives you early opportunities to correct misunderstandings. We will review with you how it looks and works.

Training - If we are providing a Content Management System (so that you can independently edit and add to your website) we will provide training to the people who need it.

Testing and Deployment - We will do testing on different browsers and on different devices before deploying onto the hosting solution.

Afterwards - We will keep in touch to review how the site is performing, and continue to grow the site together.

If this approach fits with how you would like to work then please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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